An initiative to provide quality practical education to school children. Teaching-learning materials are provided on STEM along with regional language.

Stories of Change

An initiative to bring out the success stories of organisations or events. Live footage, interviews, and shreds of evidence are recorded to document the changing visionary. This is done to motivate the masses for an empowering change.

Disaster Management

This project helped in mapping out the constraints and connecting the needs and demands. Data analysis helped in multi-parameter analysis and chalking out an effective plan in times of need.

Hosting Impactful Program

Programs are organised in the valley by incorporating the youth to build a concept of unity and sustainability.


Annual Reports, Brochures, and Profiles are professionally curated to document the success stories.


Professionally curated websites to improve search results with greater visibility.

North East Development Conclave

North East Development Conclave is a community of NGOs and individual social enthusiasts. Webinars are conducted where Prominent speakers are hosted on this platform.

Organic Manure with Campus Waste

An initiative to practice the use of organic materials and promote the concept of sustainability.

Employability Skills Training

An initiative to upskill graduate and undergraduate students. Training sessions are conducted where different employability skills are taught.

Data Analytics

An initiative where data is analysed and mapped with the resources.

Community Awareness

An initiative to raise awareness among the community in rural and urban areas to save themselves during natural disasters.

Volunteering Programs

An initiative to engage the youth in social and environmental activities by organising volunteering programs.

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