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Employability Skills building program

An initiative to upskill graduate and undergraduate students. Training sessions are conducted where different employability skills are taught.

TLM Solutions 

Make Education fun

An initiative to provide quality practical education to school children. Teaching-learning materials are provided on STEM along with regional language.


Crowdfunding campaign management

An initiative to help social enthusiasts and organisations for strategic fundraising. The organisations are also supported in their mission of propagating their idea through collaborations.

Creating impactful stories of change

An initiative to bring out the success stories of organisations or events. Live footage, interviews, shreds of evidence are recorded to document the changing visionary. This is done to motivate the masses for an empowering change.

North East Development Conclave

A community of NGO and social enthusiasts

North East Development Conclave is a community of NGOs and individual social enthusiasts. Webinars are conducted where Prominent speakers are hosted on this platform.

NGO nurturing program

Activity reports, annual reports, digital marketing, capacity building, event management, consultancy, registrations, vendor management are important for the proper functioning of NGOs. The NGOs are nurtured by providing service-based solutions.

Sharing circle

Once every two months, an event is hosted online for free. The NGOs come together and share their experiences. Free consultation on mitigating the problems are provided to the NGOs.

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  • Udgam – Livelihood Development Project
NGO Enrolment
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